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Teran liqueur JAZBEC - flavored wine

It was our grandmothers that were cooking Teran liqueur in the Karst region of Slovenia and they had learned it from their grandmothers. Thus the recipe was handed over from generation to generation. To cook Teran liqueur we use original Slovene wine called Teran. We produce Teran ourselves according to the classical traditional method of wine production. Our family has been producing the wine Teran for over 100 years. Teran liqueur was traditionally served to customers that came to the vineyard farm to buy home-produced chicken eggs or home-made prosciutto. Occasionally some bottles of Teran liqueur were sold. But only on special occasions the family drank a glass or two themselves.

Teran liqueur cooking tradition has been preserved up until today. There have always been some bottles available for visits from friends and for customers that came to buy the wine Teran. Subsequently my wife and I learned how to cook Teran liqueur, according to our family tradition. Most of it we gave away as presents to our friends and acquaintances. Gradually more and more of our friends started asking us if we could cook some more Teran liqueur, so they could buy it. We liked the idea, since we thought we should give our friends an opportunity to serve Teran liqueur to their friends. And so we started to cook Teran liqueur also for sale ...

... and we still do that according to the old recipe from our grandmother, who got it from her grandmother. Thus Teran liqueur JAZBEC is truly prepared with love for old tradition.

As our grandfathers and our grandmothers used to drink Teran liqueur on special occasions we also recommend it for such occasions and it can also serve as an excellent gift.